Submission Guidelines

We are always delighted to receive submissions and we do read all of them.
Please do follow our guidelines below before submitting.
We only accept emailed submissions. Please do NOT post anything to us.

All work should be typed with double line spacing. Tell us about you and your writing ambitions, a brief synopsis (one page preferred) of the proposed novel, the first three chapters or about 10,000 words.

Please do not send the same proposal to all of us.

We endeavour to respond to all submissions within 6 to 8 weeks of receipt but this timescale is not always possible. If we subsequently request a full manuscript, we aim to respond within another thirty days. You should always keep a copy of any material you submit to us or anyone else.We cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage, destruction or delay in their return whatever the cause.

Please note that unless we feel suitably passionate about your work, a standard rejection email will be sent. This allows more time for proper reading and consideration of all submissions. It does not mean your work is unpublishable. Try other agents who may be more suited to your work.

We do not charge a reading fee and no professional agency would.

David Headley –

Broo Doherty –

Natalie Galustian –

Hannah Sheppard –

2 thoughts on “Submission Guidelines”

  1. Should the query also be double line spacing in the body of the email?

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