Author Posts

Here you can find any and every guest post we have published on our blog from our authors. Simply follow the link to read the articles and save yourself the hassle of scrolling through a never-ending homepage. We do try to make life easier for you…


Advice For Any Aspiring Novelist – Phillipa Ashley/Pippa Croft

Looking Forward… And Looking Back Too… – Anna Jacobs

Advice To Myself As A Young Writer – Matthew Crow

On Wanting To Become A Unicorn But Ending Up A Children’s Author – Abi Elphinstone 

The Day I Went Bananas – Amanda Jennings

How I Found My Agent – Paul Fraser Collard

The Best Speed Date Ever – Leigh Chambers

 A Venting of Spleen! By ‘Frustrated’ from Yorkshire – a.k.a Sean Walsh

Holding Auditions – Janie Millman

A Publication Day Post – Amanda Jennings

My Evidence From CrimeFest 2014 – Alison Bruce

Game for ‘Game Over’? – Eve Seymour/Adam Chase

Doing ‘It’ on the Worktops – Hazel Osmond

Living in Two Countries – Anna Jacobs

The New Tudors – L.C.Tyler

Crime Fighters to Crime Writers – RC Bridgestock

The Devil is in the Detail – Mark de Jager

‘Writing about a political figure like Narendra Modi is always a challenge’ – Lance Price

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