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We’re delighted to have a guest post on the D H H Literary Agency blog from Natasha Bardon, Deputy Publishing Director of Harper Voyager UK. We’ve long known Natasha as one of the strongest forces in SFF publishing, she works with everyone from George R.R. Martin to Robin Hobb to Joe Abercrombie. Today we’re thrilled to host her warm and moving post about all she wants for Christmas. 


There’s something quite magical about visiting D H H Literary Agency & Goldsboro Books at Christmas. The lights go up in the window, the books are bathed in a warm, golden light as night creeps in at around four and there’s a hushed silence between customers entering and leaving the shop – an exhalation, not of Christmas cheer, though that of course is there in abundance, but of Christmas calm.

It’s much like those closely guarded and precious moments you stumble upon on Christmas day. Moments such as making the tea before anyone else is awake, or just before Christmas dinner when the table is laid out, crackers un-pulled and everyone happy to wait, just for a moment. That’s exactly how I feel when wandering down Cecil Court: scarf, hat and gloves firmly pulled over the extremities. You stand outside that golden window feasting on the hints of what you’ll find inside and you pause, you take a moment, you enjoy the anticipation of stumbling upon a world that will be all your own – that is yours for the taking.

Christmas Carol Ann  window


You enter the shop and off you go, meeting agents, authors and customers alike. So though I could list off all of the books that top my Christmas wish list, what I’m wishing for most this Christmas is time to appreciate the moments we all take for granted. Not the main events (they get all the attention), but the moments before something really wonderful happens; before you discover your new favourite book, or before you walk into Goldsboro and find one signed by the very hand that wrote it.

Merry Christmas,



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